Victoria Police allow two attempts per application to successfully pass all components of the Entrance Exam. If you failed one or more components, you will have the opportunity to re-sit. Candidates are only required to re-sit the exam components they have failed. All passing marks remain valid.

To book a re-sit, candidates will need to log in to the registration system and follow the instructions for booking a re-sit, via the ‘re-sit failed sections’ link at the bottom of the page.

The candidate registration system will automatically display dates that are available for you to book. Re-sit exams are run every month and are open at all venues until they reach capacity. Please check another venue if your first preference is not available.

Candidates must register for their re-sit within 2 weeks of receiving their results. Candidates will have two (2) months in total to complete their re-sit. If it is not completed in this timeframe, the application may be cancelled with Victoria Police.

Please note, if you are sitting your exam at one of our regional test centres that runs quarterly, you may need to re-sit your exam at another test centre to ensure this is completed within the two (2) month specified timeframe.

Candidates who do not pass all failed exam components on their second attempt will need to wait six (6) months from their re-sit date before re-applying with Victoria Police again. Upon re-application, you will be required to sit the entire exam again.

The cost to re-sit is as follows:

  • Re-sit one component: $80
  • Re-sit two components: $160
  • Re-sit three or more components: $220