FAQs - Results

Question: When will I receive my results?

Answer: You will receive your results within 5-7 business days of sitting your exam.

Question: How will I receive my results?

Answer: When your results are ready, you will receive an email advising you that your results are now available to view on your Candidate Registration Portal

Question: Do I need to send my results to Victoria Police?

Answer: No. ACER will forward your results to the Victoria Police Recruitment Branch.

Question: I have not passed all components of my exam, will I be able to re-sit?

Answer: Yes. Victoria Police allow candidates a second attempt at successfully passing all components of the Entrance Exam. If you did not successfully pass all components on your first attempt, you will be able to book your re-sit via the candidate registration website. You will only need to re-sit the components you did not pass.

Question: How long will I need to wait until I can re-sit my exam?

Answer: You are welcome to book and re-sit your exam at the next available test sitting. The candidate registration system will automatically display dates that are available for you to book. Re-sit exams are run every month, and are open at all venues until they reach capacity. Please check another venue if your first preference is not available.

Victoria Police require you to register and book your re-sit within 14 days of receiving your results. You will have two (2) months in total to complete your re-sit. If you do not re-sit in this timeframe, your application may be cancelled with Victoria Police.

Question: This was my second attempt, and I have not passed one component. What are my options now?

Answer: Victoria Police allow two attempts per application to successfully complete the Entrance Exam. If this was your second attempt, and you were unsuccessful in one or more components, you will need to wait six (6) months from your re-sit date before you can re-apply with Victoria Police again. Upon re-application, you will be required to sit the entire exam again.

Question: I am not happy with my results, how do I appeal?

Answer: If you wish to appeal, you will need to do so in writing within 10 business days of receiving your results. The appeal request will need to be forwarded to the ACER Victoria Police team at vicpol@acer.org. Upon response from ACER, you will then be provided with an application form and details about how to pay. Make sure to include your full name and application ID number.

Please note: You are only eligible to apply for an appeal after your second attempt/re-sit, and you are only able to appeal the following exam components: 

• Summary Writing
• Extended Writing
• Oral Assessment

All other components are auto-scored, therefore appeal requests are not accepted. 

Question: Can I appeal a decision by ACER?

Answer: ACER provides a comprehensive Complaints and Appeals Policy which should be read carefully, if you wish to escalate an issue.