FAQs - session changes and deferrals

Question: I need to change the date of my exam. Can I do this?

Answer: Applicants are able to change their test booking up to seven (7) business days prior to their allocated session. If you need to change your session within seven (7) business days of the exam, you may apply in writing by email to vicpol@acer.org. You will need to have a valid reason and provide supporting documentation (such as a medical certificate).

Question: How do I change my session?

Answer: ACER reminds candidates that when you book in for an exam, you are committing to this date and time.

You are permitted to change your session once only. 

To change your session please log in to your Candidate Registration Portal, using the details previously provided to you by email (i.e. your ID number and password). Select ‘Change Session’.

Question: What if I didn’t turn up for my registered exam?

Answer: If you book an exam session but do not attend without notifying ACER and providing a medical certificate, your application to Victoria Police will be void and you risk a six (6) month delay in applying again.

Question: Can I have a refund if I withdraw my application prior to the exam?                                               

Answer: Registration fees for the Victoria Police Entrance Examination will be refunded upon request up to seven (7) business days prior to your scheduled sitting; however, an administrative charge of $50 will be deducted. All refund requests must be submitted in writing by email to: vicpol@acer.org