FAQs - Sitting The Exam

Question: What do I need to take with me to the exam?

Answer: Please see the three points below.

1. You will need to take a printed copy of your Admission Ticket, which will be available for you to download five (5) business days prior to your exam from your Candidate Registration Portal. If you arrive at an exam centre without a printed admission ticket, you will be refused entry and not permitted to sit the exam. Please note: it is your responsibility to notify ACER if you do not receive this ticket prior to your exam.

2. All candidates will be required to show photo identification at the exam centre in the form of a valid Driver’s Licence. Acceptable forms of identification include an Interstate driver’s licence and Probationary or Learner Permit licences, or valid passport.

3. You will need to supply your own pens.

Please note: no dictionaries, calculators or electronic equipment of any kind are permitted during the exam.

Question: When do I arrive at the venue?

Answer: Please note the ‘Reporting Time’ as indicated on your admission ticket. You may like to arrive at the exam venue ten (10) minutes earlier; however, the Supervisors will not open the registration process until the indicated reporting time.

Question: What is the dress code for the exam?

Answer: We advise you to wear comfortable smart-casual clothing (jeans and t-shirts are acceptable).

Question: What do I do with my valuables during the exam?

Answer: We suggest you bring as little as possible with you to the exam. Supervisors will get you to put your phones, keys and other personal items in a central spot in the room or under your desk during the testing session.

Question: Can I eat during the exam?

Answer: Food is not permitted into the computer labs, you may take a clear bottle of water in with you.