FAQs - Registration

Question: How do I register to sit the Victoria Police Entrance Examination?

Answer: To register to sit the exam, visit the Candidate Registration Portal.

Question: What do I need to register?

Answer: You will need your candidate ID number to commence the process and a current photograph to upload to the application.

Question: Do I need a professional photo for the registration?

Answer: No, you do not need to upload a professional photo; however, the photo you do upload should meet similar standards to what is required for a passport or licence photo. 

Your photo should meet the following requirements:

  • Good quality (that is, passport quality).
  • Clear and sharp focused image.
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast.
  • Face looking directly at the camera.
  • Head and shoulders only.
  • Rotated correctly
  • Plain (preferably white) background)

Question: My registration photo won’t upload, what do I do?

Answer: If you are having difficulty uploading your registration photo, that is, receiving an error message, please check the following:

  • You are using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and are on a PC (candidates experience issues when using Safari on their iPhone or iPad)
  • The photo file size of your photo is not bigger than 3MB
  • Your photo file size is saved as a JPEG or PNG, and not a PDF

If you are still experiencing difficulty, please get in contact with our office and we will try to assist you.

Question: What about payment?

Answer: The fee to sit the Victoria Police Entrance Examination is $220 (GST inc). When you register online you will be asked to pay by credit card.

Question: Where are the exams held?

Answer: Tests are typically run on a monthly basis at a range of venues. Please check here for the most up‑to‑date information on test venues.

Question: Can I change my contact details after registering?

Answer: To change your contact details please log in to your Candidate Registration Portal using the details previously provided to you by email (i.e. your ID number and password). Select ‘Update details’, from the options on the left.

Question: I have tried to book on the website but the spaces for my preferred date and location are full; what can I do?

Answer: Spaces are limited and can fill quickly. Please check for the next available date at the registration site every one to two weeks for new dates as they are made available.