Practice Test Disclaimer and Information

The Victoria Police Practice Tests are available to registered candidates for the Victoria Police Entrance Exam (‘Entrance Exam’) for the purpose of providing those candidates with:

  • practice in undertaking tasks which generally reflect the Entrance Exam in context, processes, item types, number of questions, and time available; and
  • a unscaled experiential practice assessment.

Please note, the Victoria Police Practice Tests are not:

  • supervised;
  • completed under Entrance Exam conditions;
  • trialled in a qualifying test by Victoria Police applicants. So their difficulty has been estimated using the judgements of subject matter experts, rather than by using candidate data; and
  • reported on ACSF scale scores, but on raw scores.

Consequently, the Practice Tests and resultant scores are indicative only and are not determinative of:

  • a prospective candidate’s ultimate performance in the Entrance Exam; or
  • ability in a particular skill area.

Therefore, the Practice Tests can only be used as practice for the Entrance Exam and not for any other purpose (such as appealing, qualifying or academic results).

In order to provide the Practice Tests at a minimum cost, ACER does not:

  • offer a support service to users of this service;
  • provide guidance or feedback regarding questions or answers ; or
  • respond to queries concerning their content.

Purchase of a Practice Test provides a single set of questions with which a candidate can attempt multiple times over a 12 month period. No further questions are provided.

All raw scores are available for viewing after completing an assessment. Note, these scores are not recorded, therefore, when a test has closed all answers and past scores are erased to allow for a future attempt. ACER provides no access to previous scores and does not store this data. Candidates who score over the suggested pass mark are recommended to review any areas they may have had difficulty with and seek resources and assistance.

Candidates who score below the suggested pass mark are advised that considerable revision or study may be appropriate. These include:

  • Practise Now! Victoria Police Entrance Exam book, available for purchase through the candidate portal;
  • Seeking support from an education provider;
  • Sourcing additional practice materials in the skill area;
  • Delaying the test to a future date to allow time for further learning to take place.

The ACER Summary Writing, Extended Writing and Oral Communication practice assessments are only provided as unscored experiential practice assessments. Writing practice and Oral Communication are marked components in the Entrance Exam which cannot be accurately replicated in a practice environment.  Candidates should use these assessments to:

  • familiarise themselves with the style of the assessment; and
  • practice planning, writing and editing their writing without the use of common assistance tools such as spell check and grammar check.


ACER recommends the use of Google Chrome or Firefox when undertaking these assessments. ACER cannot guarantee the function and performance of the assessment when used in other browsers, such as Internet Explorer, or on mobile devices. To review your computer’s ability to deliver the assessments, please visit the following test page: 

ACER will require a screenshot of this page before providing any assistance with technical access issues.

As part of regular maintenance of the online assessments, ACER may take assessments offline during periods of maintenance. These periods may occur without prior warning and will be managed by ACER IT personnel. Changes may be applied to test content or function during these upgrades.


Except where the limited circumstances of the Australian Consumer Law allow, all purchases of Practice Tests will be non-refundable.

Any requests for a refund must be made in writing by email to: